Midtown Manhattan Restorative & Prosthetic Dentistry Services

No matter how carefully you look after your teeth, there is a good chance that somewhere along the way you will need to have some restorative dental work done. Whether it is broken, decayed or missing teeth, Dr. Karen Kang offers sympathetic and understanding care with the aim of allowing you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, and the focus of treatment is always to maximize your natural teeth as much as possible.

Ensuring you retain a bright, clear smile that gives you the confidence to meet the challenges of life head on is the goal at this Midtown Manhattan dentist practice, and Dr. Karen Kang has vast experience in doing just that. As a fully qualified Prosthodontist, she is well versed in the art and science of dental aesthetics. This means she is in an excellent position to use all the tools modern dentistry has to offer to make sure your smile is always bright, beautiful and everything you want it to be.

With a range of treatments available from our Midtown Manhattan dentist practice, delivered in a comfortable and relaxing environment that ensures minimum stress and anxiety for even the most nervous of patients, our goal is to ensure you retain your beautiful, natural looking smile for a lifetime.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Nearly everyone gets a cavity at some point, but the good news is that with modern materials and treatment techniques, having a filling no longer leads to an unsightly metal colored blob in your mouth. Today’s fillings are mercury free, made from composite resins and tooth colored, making them almost invisible in the mouth.

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Porcelain Tooth Inlays and Onlays

If you have a significant portion of the tooth structure missing from an individual tooth, fitting an Onlay may be an alternative to root canal therapy. Large fillings made to fit your tooth in a laboratory, in either porcelain or gold, they retain more of your natural tooth than alternative treatments.

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Porcelain Crowns

A cap fabricated to cover the entire surface of the tooth, they reinforce the weakened tooth and enhance the aesthetic appeal. Often used in combination with root canal therapy or for teeth with weakened structure, and can be used to change the shape or position of the tooth.

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Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

If a patient is missing more than one tooth whilst retaining natural teeth for support either side, a fixed dental bridge is recommended. It gives the advantage of fixed prosthetic teeth, but does require the fitting of crowns to the adjacent teeth. If these are healthy, dental implants may be preferable.

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Removable Dentures

These come in two distinct types, partial and complete. Dr. Karen Kang only uses the highest quality denture teeth that look natural. Indeed, these teeth can often provide a more aesthetically pleasing look than porcelain crowns or bridges because the design is not limited by limited space. They can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and shades to suit.

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Dental Implants and Periodontics

Implants are fused to your jaw bone and replace missing teeth, acting as a base for fixing crowns, bridges or dentures. This allows those replacements to look, feel and behave like natural teeth and means that you no longer have the eating restrictions once associated with such prosthetics, and have a bright, natural smile all the time.

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