Midtown Manhattan Porcelain Crowns

For teeth that are significantly damaged, whether from cavities, cracks or even an old metal amalgam filling that is affecting the tooth, a porcelain crown could be the solution to restore your natural looking, health smile.

A porcelain crown is a custom made cap that covers the entire tooth that is being restored. Because they can be made to closely match the color of the teeth around them, they are great for restoring a natural look. Dr. Karen Kang is dedicated to treatments that help retain as much of the natural tooth as possible, and here crowns are a fantastic option, allowing the crown to fully protect the remaining natural tooth underneath, whilst being almost invisible as a form of repair to others.

Once an impression of the tooth or teeth to be repaired are taken, the new crowns are made to fit in a dental laboratory, ensuring they match your teeth perfectly, once crafted they are then bonded to the existing teeth for a strong and long lasting repair. They can be designed to completely makeover your smile, providing an even, bright smile and blending perfectly with existing healthy teeth.

Porcelain crowns can be used as treatment for renewing badly worn teeth or old metal amalgam fillings, to remedy a misshapen or badly discolored tooth, to anchor a dental bridge or replace a decayed crown, such as after root canal therapy. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with a dental implant to replace a lost or removed tooth.

Having porcelain crowns fitted at Dr. Karen Kang’s Midtown Manhattan dentist practice is a wonderful solution to all of those problems, with its welcoming and comfortable environment and a team dedicated to ensuring even the most nervous patient feels relaxed, your smile need not be a source of embarrassment any longer. You can get those problems fixed, and return to a natural and healthy smile you can be proud of.