Midtown Manhattan Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

Because all of your teeth contribute to your ability to speak, eat and even how your face appears, losing a tooth can have a larger effect that just the obvious aesthetic one. That is not to underplay the aesthetic issue, a lack of confidence due to embarrassment where your smile is concerned can have wide ranging impact on your daily life, much more so than you may initially think. Whether your tooth is lost through decay or damage it can become a real problem and one that needs addressing, and porcelain fixed dental bridges are one such solution.

A porcelain dental bridge is often recommended for situations where there is one or more teeth missing with healthy teeth on either side. The bridge consists of a replacement tooth, or teeth, that are attached to the existing health teeth either side using crowns to fix the bridge permanently in place. Each bridge is designed and created specifically for your teeth, personalized to ensure they fit correctly, look natural and enhance your smile perfectly.

Dr. Karen Kang uses porcelain and composite bridges to maximize the aesthetic enhancements, giving a natural looking solution that is almost invisible as a repair. At her Midtown Manhattan dentist practice porcelain fixed dental bridges are offered where appropriate as a solution for missing teeth.

One major issue with porcelain fixed dental bridges is the need to fir crowns to the surrounding teeth. This is fine if those teeth need restoration themselves, however as Dr. Karen Kang looks to always maximize the use of natural teeth, if those support teeth are currently healthy, other options such as dental implants may be a better alternative not requiring surgery to healthy existing teeth.

As a solution to lost teeth, porcelain fixed dental bridges have much to offer, natural looking, permanent and long lasting, and at Dr. Karen Kang’s Midtown Manhattan dentist practice you will receive comprehensive, professional advice as well as sensitive and compassionate care to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.