Midtown Manhattan Dental Implants & Periodontics

Dental Implants are a solution for lost or removed teeth, an alternative for those that do not wish to use dentures. Whilst we have been using dentures, bridges and crowns for decades there are drawbacks to all of them. Partial dentures can slip, and can be difficult to get a precise fit, and maintenance can be time consuming. Dental bridges are fixed in place by grinding down the structure of the nearby teeth even if they are healthy. Dental Implants however, form a permanent replacement for your original teeth, providing full restorative benefits for eating, speaking and facial shape, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and able to give the recipient a wonderful bright and healthy, natural looking smile. The replacement teeth are completely natural looking and provide an ideal solution for tooth loss.

The procedure for dental implants is quite extensive, and it requires the patient to have strong bone density to allow successful implants. Dr. Karen Kang will place a thin titanium rod under the gum where the missing tooth would be, anchored directly to the jawbone. This takes a few months to fuse, but once it has it becomes a permanent part of the bone structure. Once fused, a custom designed crown can be attached to the rod and will then act like a permanent tooth, both how it feels and how it looks. If you are requiring a full mouth replacement then this will obviously be quite a long process, but eventually you will be able to leave Dr. Karen Kang’s Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist practice with a brand new, attractive and natural looking smile.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the gums, and the underlying support structure for the teeth. Dr. Karen Kang is a fully qualified periodontist and offers advice and guidance through regular check-ups or consolations for anyone looking for gum disease treatment or other underlying issues in New York City.

Being a fully trained periodontist means that Dr. Karen Kang can carry out all aspects of the dental implant procedure herself at her Midtown Manhattan dentist practice, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for what she and her team understand can be an anxious situation for many patients.

Like all the treatments and procedures she offers, Dr. Karen Kang is highly experienced and dedicated to providing the very highest quality of service possible that results in the wonderful, bright and natural looking smile you always dreamt of.