Midtown Manhattan Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are a fact of life for more or less everyone, no matter how diligent your oral hygiene regime, how careful you are, sooner or later we all get cavities. Having a filling to solve this does, for many, conjure up images of those unsightly metal amalgam fillings and just how awful they looked and felt. However, like everything else, dentistry has advanced with modern technology, and today’s fillings need not be that unsightly lump of metal colored material they once were. This is a good thing, those amalgam fillings also contain traces of magnesium, which Dr. Karen Kang prefers to avoid.

Her Midtown Manhattan dentist practice is therefore mercury free, with Dr. Kang preferring to use Tooth-Colored Fillings manufactured from composite resin, as they provide an almost invisible repair in the mouth, made to closely match the natural color of your teeth. The material is strong and hard wearing, and acts as valuable protection for the remaining natural parts of the tooth. The resin is cured inside your mouth using a special light, and the resin is then shaped to match your teeth and blend in to become almost invisible. It is then polished up to match the surrounding natural teeth.

Allowing repairs whilst still retaining your natural smile, tooth-colored fillings from Dr. Karen Kang’s Midtown Manhattan dentist practice are a great solution for your dental issues if you are concerned about the need to retain a bright and natural looking smile. Cavities no longer mean that you need to be embarrassed about smiling and revealing a metal colored filling, now you can have healthy and protected teeth with repairs that are natural looking, safe and unobtrusive.

For sympathetic and compassionate care for your teeth, Dr. Karen Kang and her team at Ebenezer Dental offer you the very best solution to your oral health problems in a welcoming and comfortable environment.