Midtown Manhattan Removable Dentures

As with other aspects of dentistry, new materials and manufacturing techniques have meant that dentures have changed dramatically from what was available just twenty years ago. Dr. Karen Kang insists on using only the highest quality denture teeth that give a very natural look. People are often concerned that they’ll look fake, but in fact, these teeth are often more aesthetically pleasing than porcelain crowns and bridges because not only are they very life-like, but the design of teeth does not have to be bound by limited space requirements.

Removable dentures are found in two distinct types, partial and complete. Partial dentures are to replace a smaller number of teeth whilst leaving gaps between existing healthy teeth, whereas complete dentures are replacements for an entire mouthful of teeth. In either case, the teeth can be made in many different shapes and sized to ensure that the removable dentures fit your style and look extremely natural in use.

Full dentures today can be used in combination with dental implants for secure fitment for both the upper and lower palette. This makes eating with them much less problematic than the removable dentures of the past. Dr. Karen Kang uses between 4 and 6 dental implants in the upper and lower jaw in these type of fitments, which makes the removable dentures not only natural looking, but secure in use and easy to care for, whatever you are doing.

Partial dentures are found in several different types, transitional dentures, made from acrylic, which are often used as temporary dentures whilst further work is carried out on the area. Others are known as definitive dentures, and are often employed during full mouth transformations to protect new work as it is carried out during a long series of procedures. Finally, valplast partial removable dentures offer a flexible base, although Dr. Karen Kang does not normally recommend these at her New York Midtown dentist practice.

An extremely experienced dentist, Dr. Karen Kang as studied dental aesthetics and understands how stressful being faced with these kinds of procedures are, and together with the team at her Midtown Manhattan dentist practice, she is dedicated to creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for your treatment, whilst producing the very best possible results for your situation, and with a natural smile from your easy to use removable dentures, you will have the confidence to smile once again.