Midtown Manhattan Tooth Extractions

If you have a tooth that is badly damaged or too infected to repair with other treatments, then the final answer is to remove it. Dr. Karen Kang believes in atraumatic extractions, as these preserve as much of the bony structure that houses the roots as possible for more comfortable healing and to make future implant placements easier.

Whilst tooth removal is never the first thing that Dr. Karen Kang will go to, preferring to retain the natural tooth wherever possible, there are occasions when it is necessary to do so. Tooth extraction can be used for teeth that are badly decayed, broken or cracked. These kinds of issues tend to cause pain, and often give concern about the appearance of your smile, and such removal relieves pain and allows other measures to rectify the aesthetic issues.

Tooth extraction is also carried out in certain cases of advanced periodontitis, that is severe gum disease, and especially on teeth that have too much damage for root canal therapy to be used on them.

Occasionally teeth that are badly positioned or nonfunctional such as wisdom teeth are removed to allow for further restorative measures or prevent future issues such as overcrowding in the mouth.

Once a decision to proceed with tooth extraction is made, this can lead to many people feeling high levels of anxiety about this kind of procedure, and so we are focused on minimizing the worry and stress patients may feel. With our calming and friendly environment we understand that this can be an anxious time and take great care in ensuring our patients are relaxed and well informed during the process.

Dr. Kang prefers to use atraumatic (non-surgical) techniques when it comes to tooth extractions, as this leaves the surrounding bone intact. This is preferable as it allows a solid foundation for later implants and also means that the bone support that comprises the facial appearance remains intact.

It is important to remember that with modern implants that having a tooth extracted is not the end of your beautiful smile, and sometimes it is simply necessary to remove a tooth, and in these instances you will be at the best place possible with Dr. Karen Kang and her New York Midtown dentist practice. The team here will guide you through the process with empathy and care, alleviating your concerns and issues and making you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible throughout your appointment.