Midtown Manhattan Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth is internally damaged it will simply carry on getting worse if left untreated. Dr. Karen Kang is a great believer in restorative dentistry that leaves as much of the original tooth intact as possible whenever it is feasible, and here root canal therapy can alleviate the pain (rather than the common misconception of causing it!), restore the tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

Teeth are comprised of several parts, the hard outer layer that many often think of as ‘teeth’ is the enamel, but inside this is a secondary layer made of a porous material called dentin. Beneath this is a third, inner layer referred to as the pulp, comprising mainly of nerves and other vessels. If the tooth has a cavity or crack, this inner pulp player can become infected, causing a large amount of pain due to the many nerves in the area.

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, involves accessing this inner infected region, cleaning it out, sterilizing and then sealing the tooth, usually with a crown, which gives strength and a natural appearance to the treated tooth. In most cases this can deal with an infection that if left to spread would otherwise kill the tooth completely, whereas with root canal therapy the original tooth is kept mostly intact.

Root canal therapy is a treatment that many people find intimidating, but is incredibly useful, allowing you to retain the natural tooth rather than a prosthetic, and for anyone who is struggling with anxiety over receiving such treatment Dr. Karen Kang is highly experienced in helping patients deal with such issues calmly and effectively in a manner that suits the patients problem.