Midtown Manhattan Dental Check-Ups, Hygiene & Oral Cancer Screening

Regular dental check-ups as part of your regular oral care routine are a great opportunity to ensure long lasting, healthy teeth and gums. Professional cleaning as part of your regular check-up routine can help prevent cavities, disease and plaque buildup, whilst also ensuring your smile is whiter, brighter and long lasting.

By having regular dental check-ups in this way, Dr. Karen Kang recommends them every 6 months, any problems can be spotted early allowing for proactive treatment that is effective and economical to take of issues before they become problems that require more in depth and costly procedures if they remain unchecked and allowed to get progressively worse.

You can expect a friendly and comfortable environment for your dental check-up, where Dr. Karen Kang will carry out a full inspection of your teeth and gums and offer advice on brushing and flossing if required. Further she will happily answer any of your questions about your own oral healthcare routine at home. Then she will remove plaque and polish your teeth to a wonderful smooth finish for the best appearance possible.

Following this, Dr. Kang will screen for tooth and gum diseases, including oral cancer, several forms of gum disease, tooth decay and of course check the condition of any previous dental work, wherever it was carried out, to ensure it remains safe and secure.

Should any issues be found during this examination, such as gingivitis or periodontitis a suitable course of action including the necessary treatment will be recommended and scheduled if appropriate.

If there is a need for further investigation, dental X-rays will be carried out and again, should any underlying issues be discovered a program of treatment created for you to rectify the problem.

With a regular program of check-ups and cleaning, your smile will stay healthy and bright for a lifetime, helping you to avoid any oral care issues and be proactive with your dental care. Catching problems early means time for more conservative, economical and less intrusive treatment, making those regular exams a great investment.