Midtown Manhattan One-Hour Teeth Whitening

No matter how diligent we are with oral hygiene and our daily cleaning regime, sometimes teeth can suffer from the natural process of discoloration over time. This is most often caused by food, drinks and tobacco. From coffee to red wine, balsamic vinegar to soy sauce, your diet can have a dramatic effect on the level of discoloration your teeth suffer from.

Having discolored teeth can be a real problem, being embarrassed about your smile can cause many problems in everyday life, and with bright, white teeth being viewed as a sign of vitality and success, it is no wonder that having a great, bright, white smile is very desirable.

There are two types of staining teeth suffer from, extrinsic staining which is staining of the outer layer of the tooth, generally caused by foodstuffs or tobacco, and intrinsic, which is discoloration of the structure of the tooth, and caused by hereditary issues or fluoride ingestion. The former is much more common and the problem most people face, intrinsic discoloration is more difficult to deal with, but can be treated.

The good news is that such extrinsic staining is a problem that can be largely rectified quickly and simply, with New York Midtown cosmetic dentist Dr. Karen Kang’s revolutionary one-hour teeth whitening treatment. This is a process that can solve your issues in one visit to her Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentistry practice, with treatment taking around one hour and leaving you with whiter teeth. In fact, most patients leave the office with teeth around 6 shades lighter, making a dramatic difference to the look of their teeth and the boost in confidence it brings.

One-Hour Teeth Whitening

Because Dr. Karen Kang is dedicated to ensuring the very best outcome for all her patients whilst minimizing discomfort, you will also be provides with a take-home maintenance kit to preserve this result for years with proper care. Additionally, you’ll also receive a special treatment to minimize and prevent sensitivity.

Obtaining teeth you needn’t be embarrassed about, and obtaining that lovely bright white smile doesn’t have to be a chore, with our one-hour teeth whitening service you can fit it into even the busiest of schedules and have the teeth you want for years to come.