About Dr. Karen Kang, DDS

New York Dentist Dr. Karen Kang, DDS

Dr. Karen Kang, DDS

Meet Dr. Karen Kang, DDS, New York Dentist. Highly skilled in a wide range of dentistry, Dr. Karen Kang specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, being both a prosthodontist and an implantologist.

Dr. Kang received her doctorate at the renowned University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, her studies here punctuated by numerous awards for academic and clinical excellence.

Following that education she undertook a one year general practice residency at Northport VA Hospital and followed that with a three year residency at the Manhattan VA Hospital specializing in prosthodontics, and finally a two year certificate in implantology at New York University.

This makes Dr. Karen Kang a multi-skilled asset to Ebenezer Dental, being able to both fit implants and restore them if needed, and with training from world renowned specialists in their respective fields, she has the skills and understanding to give you the very best care possible.

In addition to her work at Ebenezer Dental in Midtown Manhattan, Dr. Karen Kang also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University School of Dental Medicine Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. She is a member of the American Dental Association, American College of Prosthodontists, and Academy of Osseointegration, and often works as a consultant to general dentists and other specialists.

This level of academic qualification means that she is fully qualified to utilize clinical findings within any set of treatments she devises for you. This incredible depth of knowledge of all areas of the professions means that she can handle every dental need you may have, efficiently and comfortably.

Why a Prosthodontist, Not a Cosmetic Dentist?

As a fully qualified Prosthodontist Dr. Karen Kang had had comprehensive training in dental aesthetics throughout her three year graduate program recognized by the American Dental Association as one of the nine dental specialties. By contrast, cosmetic dentistry is not afforded such recognition, with many cosmetic dentists acquiring their training through courses and seminars that usually last a week.

Prosthodontists study the science behind a pleasing smile, what it is that makes an aesthetically pleasing look, as well as the comprehensive and in depth knowledge of the treatments, procedures and ailments that are available today. This level of skill and knowledge is what sets prosthodontists apart, and why, for the very best treatment possible with the peace of mind of full and comprehensive training and ADA acknowledged qualifications, you should be seeking one out.

Our Practice

Dental treatment can be stressful for some patients, and Dr. Kang fully understands this, at her Midtown Manhattan Dentistry, Dr. Karen Kang has gone to great lengths to create an environment that will help you relax and feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

With a focus on individual care, Dr. Kang uses her specialist knowledge and vast experience in dental treatment to create unique solutions to meet your needs. Whatever your problem, she will create a treatment just for you, one that fits into your life and addresses the issues you have.

Dr. Karen Kang knows that a beautiful smile will make you feel more confident and content, and she knows exactly how to create that for you.