The Process of Getting Dentures

The Process of Getting Dentures

Natural teeth can at times prove impossible to repair. Bacteria find ways of eating away at teeth and gums as humans age. Dentures are the only option certain individuals have, but a good option nonetheless. They may afford someone a better smile compared to natural teeth and are incapable of decaying or even with time, breaking down. You might only require getting a partial denture set as opposed to the full set, but this depends upon your needs. Clients who require this service can get dentures in Midtown Manhattan by booking an appointment at Ebenezer Dental.

Several differences exist, in-between a full and partial set of dentures as follows:

For a full denture-set, all teeth have to be removed. One requires to healing for roughly 3 months following pulling of teeth and when getting permanent or “conventional dentures” installed. A set of immediate dentures are availed meanwhile, to enable the patient talk and eat in normal manner. The teeth and gums shrink to a considerable degree during the interval in-between their removal and fitting in permanent dentures.

Partial sets at times are known as bridges, because they bridge gaps within teeth. This kind of dentures allows one to retain some teeth, but helps to replace teeth which are not healthy sufficiently to be fixed. As well, they help prevent the onset of any problems or infections to the healthy teeth found next to them. Serious problems could come about when unhealthy teeth get juxtaposed to healthy ones. Partial sets render it easier eating and speaking normally, along with promoting oral health.

Fitting in Dentures

The dentist will first take a mould of the patient’s natural teeth and gums. This step ensures your dentures get to fit comfortably once ready to wear them. It is critical to be certain that your dentures fit well within the mouth, as moulds can become slightly uncomfortable.

Next is the process of extracting teeth. Ascertain following all the directions which your dentist prescribes following the extraction of teeth. This helps you remain free from pain and discomfort while healing takes place. Converse with your dentist concerning the size, shade and shape of teeth which you desire to enable you get comfortable with your new set for the longest time possible.

The last stage of getting dentures is fitting into them. There are good chances of requiring some slight adjustment, after receiving the initial set. Your dentist could shave certain parts down to try make your new set of dentures feel more comfortable. You might very likely require adjustments in future as changes occur in your mouth. A good set of dentures could last for up to 10 years, especially when the wearer takes exceptionally good care of them.

The entire process takes up to a couple of months, but it is vital to ensure keeping all scheduled appointments to make sure that they work as expected. Your ultimate look will depend upon how the procedure is performed in the long run. Having dentures in Midtown Manhattan by Ebenezer Dental is an assuring step towards attaining this goal.