How Decayed Teeth Can Affect Your Body

How Decayed Teeth Can Affect Your Body

When we were young, most of us heard over and over again how important brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist could be to our overall dental health. As we got a little older, we added fresh breath to that list of positive benefits. As it turns out, however, proper dental care impact more than just those teeth and gums. If you doubt that, just ask Dr. Karen Kang, a dentist in Midtown Manhattan how decayed teeth can affect your body. Chances are, you’ll be more than a little shocked by the answer!

Here’s the deal: dental health can be critical to overall bodily health due to the sheer volume of bacteria occupying your mouth. Under normal circumstances, of course, these bacteria are harmless and kept at bay with good oral hygiene habits. When that hygienic commitment is missing, however, the bacteria can run amok, cause infections, rot your teeth, and cause gum disease.

These oral bacteria can spread via the bloodstream into nearly every area of the body. They can even lodge themselves into any damaged sections of your heart, where they cause infection in the outer lining. This is known as endocarditis, and is a serious health issue. There is even evidence that this bacterial infection and inflammation can lead to heart disease and stroke.

For patients suffering from diabetes or prediabetes, these infections are even more dangerous. Those patients lack the natural immune resistance needed to handle these bacterial infections. As a result, the gums can be at great risk, and gum disease has a direct impact on a person’s ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

There is even research to indicate that oral problems arising from such neglect of hygiene can result in diminished mental capacity. In one study, patients with high levels of these bacteria were found to suffer from verbal memory issues, and experienced cognitive impairment as well. This has been attributed by experts to the onset of gingivitis

The inflammation caused by these bacterial rampages can also lead to rheumatoid arthritis and other joint and extremity pain. This can be a serious problem as well, since the infections that accompany such bacterial increases often leave patients fatigued. That fatigue often enhances the pain, as the body struggles to deal with multiple stressors at once.

In short, the entire body can be at risk when the mouth is not properly cared for. And while many of these issues are treatable, the simple fact is that they are also preventable. That makes proper oral hygiene an imperative for not only children, but adults as well.

The good news is that your local dentist in Midtown Manhattan, Dr. Karen Kang, can consult with you and provide advice and education about all of the latest techniques and strategies for sound oral hygiene and dental maintenance. For the sake of your entire body’s well-being, call him or her today and schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can prevent the negative health consequences associated with tooth decay and poor oral hygiene.