What’s in Your Home Emergency Dental Kit?

What’s in Your Home Emergency Dental Kit?

There are a few certainties in life, and three stand out more than most: death, taxes, and accidents.  The reality is that any of us can experience an accident at any time, and many of these incidents result in some type of injury. Most people understand this, and keep first-aid kits on hand to deal with minor injuries like cuts, abrasions, and so on. Chances are that you have one of those kits in your home, car, or workplace. But are you as equally prepared to cope with dental emergencies? You should be, and here are just a few of the things you should stock in your home emergency dental kit.

Dental Cement

When teeth chip or break and you cannot get to the dentist right away, dental cement can be a lifesaver. This material can be obtained in most drug stores, and can provide you with temporary fillings or crowns to protect your injured tooth until a dentist can attend to the problem.

Floss and Toothpicks

You should always keep floss and toothpicks in your emergency kit. Sure, you have floss on hand and almost certainly use it daily. But if you’re one of those people who loses floss regularly, it’s great to have some readily available in your dental kit.

Ice Pack

When you’re suffering from a toothache and waiting for a dental appointment, an ice pack can help. Wrapped within a towel, this tool can help to reduce swelling.

Topical Numbing Agent

Toothaches can also benefit from topical numbing agents like Orajel. Just apply some to the affected area of the mouth and enjoy temporary relief when you need it most.


Tooth injuries often result in bleeding. Gauze can be an important tool to stop that blood. Just apply pressure for twenty minutes or so.

Tea Bags

It can also be helpful to keep some tea bags in your kit. Sometimes gauze doesn’t stop the bleeding quickly enough. Tea bags can be moistened and placed over the wound, to help the blood vessels contract.

Dental Wax

If you have kids with braces, dental wax should occupy a prominent place in your emergency kit. A layer of wax can be placed on the brace brackets to protect the sensitive skin from abrasion and irritation.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves come in handy anytime you need to attend to other people’s dental wounds. They help to protect you from germs, and ensure that your germs aren’t transferred to your loved ones.

Small Mirror

Finally, get a dental mirror to ensure that you can see problems in the mouth. You can pick these up for just a few dollars online.

At Ebenezer Dental, we’re always here to help you with any dental concerns you may have, but an emergency dental kit can be a great stopgap measure to temporarily treat injuries until your appointment. With the right emergency kit and an appointment with the best dentist in midtown Manhattan, you can ensure that dental injuries don’t prevent you from enjoying a healthy and attractive smile that lasts a lifetime!