What’s That Toothache Trying to Tell You?

What’s That Toothache Trying to Tell You?

Like most people, you’ve probably experienced a toothache or two at some point in your life. It may have been just a temporary sensation, and gone away on its own in a day or two. Or perhaps you’ve suffered a more prolonged aching for weeks or even months. Regardless of the duration or intensity of that pain, toothaches are not something that you should ever just ignore. For while your minor toothache could be nothing more than temporary sensitivity, it could also be a sign of a more serious problem. So, what’s that toothache trying to tell you?

Why Do Teeth Ache?

To understand what your teeth are saying, it’s important to understand why they might be causing you pain. First, forget about the surface of your teeth for a moment. That enamel-covered crown isn’t the problem. The pain originates from within the tooth, where a layer of soft dentin covers the pulp chamber. It’s there that you’ll find all those nerves, tissue, and blood that give your teeth life. When you feel pain in a tooth, it’s typically those nerves that are the culprit. And nerve pain can be some of the most distressing pain we can experience.

What Could be Causing That Toothache?

Of course, that just explains where you’re feeling the pain sensation. But what types of things could cause distress to those nerves? As it turns out, your teeth are vulnerable more than a few threats:

  • If you’ve ever had a cracked tooth, you may have experienced quite a bit of pain. Even minor cracks and chips can place stress on those delicate nerves. The pain can be worse if that fracture allows decay to enter the tooth.
  • An abscess occurs when you have an infection that spreads from your teeth to the nearby gum tissue. This is a serious and painful condition that requires immediate treatment to prevent even more dire health consequences.
  • Dental Work. Yes, inferior dental work can sometimes result in damage to that sensitive dentin. If you’ve had poorly-placed fillings, crowns, or other procedures, and experienced ongoing pain because of that treatment, it might be time to have that work revisited.
  • Dental decay. Tooth decay, or cavities, are the main cause for toothaches. These toothaches occur when bacteria breach your tooth enamel. Again, you should obtain immediate dental care if you want to reduce the need for an extraction or other invasive treatment.

What’s the Message?

Toothaches only have one message to deliver: get to the dentist! You see, your teeth aren’t like the rest of your body. They have no healing capability, so they need to be repaired. At Ebenezer Dental, we can provide that care in the most welcoming environment in New York City. So, the next time you suffer from a toothache, come to the best dentist in midtown Manhattan to get the dental treatment you need to relieve that pain. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.