When Removable Dentures are Your Best Tooth Replacement Option

When Removable Dentures are Your Best Tooth Replacement Option

There are few things more stressful than losing your teeth. If you’re suffering from tooth loss, then you’re already familiar with the many worries that can plague you: self-consciousness about your appearance, the costs associated with replacing them, and concerns about how it might impact your other teeth. Those worries are valid, and should serve as motivation to get those lost teeth replaced as soon as possible. Most patients get to choose between either implants or dentures. Others, however, may not have that choice. Here’s how you can recognize when removable dentures are your best – or only – tooth replacement option.

When Implants Just Won’t Do…

While removable dentures have been around quite a bit longer than modern dental implants, the latter are now widely viewed as the real standard for modern dentistry. Implants tend to be closer in nature to your natural teeth, and provide protections for your gums and bone structure that dentures can’t match. Unfortunately, implants won’t work for every patient. Implants may be a poor option if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Are you resistant to the idea of surgery? Implants require an oral surgical procedure.
  • Do you grind your teeth despite efforts to prevent that problem?
  • Do you have diabetes, and autoimmune disorder, or other medical problems that could cause your implants to fail?
  • Have your efforts to stop smoking all ended in failure?
  • Are you unable to manage the higher initial costs associated with dental implants?

If you’re against surgery, grind your teeth, have medical concerns, smoke, or need to keep costs as low as possible, removable dentures will probably be a better option for your tooth replacement needs.

Modern Removable Dentures

The good news is that removable dentures are better than they’ve ever been. They’re more natural-looking, more durable, and better-fitting than those of generations past. They also have the advantage of costing less than implants, and are far and away the more cost-effective option when you need to replace multiple lost teeth. And for those who want to avoid surgery, dentures are the most non-invasive replacement tooth option available.

Today’s denture-makers are more talented than ever, and can create dentures that will match your natural teeth. That means that your natural smile can be restored without costly, invasive implant surgery. More importantly, you will enjoy the benefits of restored functionality, as those dentures will enable you to once again chew and eat the foods you love.

At Ebenezer Dental, we offer both dental implants and removable dentures for our patients who need them. With the best dentist in midtown Manhattan at the helm, our team of dental experts can ensure that your lost teeth are replaced in a way that satisfies your most critical needs and concerns. If you’ve had teeth extracted and are ready to find out which replacement option will work best for your situation, contact us today. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you get scheduled for your next appointment.