Teeth Whitening for Patients with Cerec Crowns

Teeth Whitening for Patients with Cerec Crowns

Bright, white teeth are prized by many people in the world, which helps to explain why there are a multitude of over-the-counter whitening products and in-office dental whitening procedures designed to give you that perfect, pearly-white smile. As you’ve probably guessed, professional dental whitening is recognized as the best and most effective way to achieve your whitening goals. For patients with CEREC crowns, however, teeth whitening can be an even bigger challenge. The real question is this: what impact will those commercial whiteners or professional dental whitening techniques have on your CEREC crown?

Will Whiteners Damage Your CEREC Crown?

Teeth whiteners are wonderful tools that can help you to get your teeth several shades brighter than their current state. A whitening procedure can help to remove staining and the natural yellowing that is often caused by the aging process. Still, if you have crowns, you might wonder whether they are vulnerable to the bleaching gels and other products used to whiten teeth. The good news is that they are not! While your CEREC crown can be damaged in other ways, the whitening process will not harm its integrity in any way.

Can Whiteners Make Your Crown Whiter?

Restorative materials like crowns are not affected by tooth whitening agents. While that means that those products and procedures are safe to use on patients who have CEREC crowns, there’s a downside as well: they won’t typically whiten your crowns either. Obviously, that can be a problem when you’re focused on ensuring that your teeth all share the same shade of whiteness. A slightly stained crown will stand out like a sore thumb when it’s surrounded by bright, white teeth.

Is there a Solution to Give You Whiter Crowns?

Unfortunately, the only real solution for whitening that crown is to have your dentist match the crown to the rest of your teeth. That means that you should always consider tooth whitening before you get your crown so that the dentist can start with a CEREC crown that is already properly matched. The same principle holds true if you already have your CEREC and need teeth whitening. Get your whitening done first so that your dentist knows which shade of white your crown needs to be.

Remember, there is a science to coloring a crown. With the right planning, CEREC crowns can generally be created to the exact shade specifications needed to match any patient’s teeth. On the other hand, whitening can be hit-or-miss when it comes to the results you achieve. It’s always easier to match the crown to fit the teeth than it is to match the teeth to the crown!

At Ebenezer Dental, we believe that you deserve to have the whitest, brightest, brightest teeth you can. That principle holds true for our patients with CEREC crowns as well, which is why we will work with you to ensure that your crown perfectly complements your other teeth. If you’re ready to enjoy the professional dental whitening that only the best dentist midtown Manhattan can offer, call us today to schedule an appointment!