How Committed Are You to Regular Dental Checkups?

How Committed Are You to Regular Dental Checkups?

Regular dental hygiene is essential for the maintenance of clean, strong, and healthy teeth. Nearly everyone understands that they need to brush at least twice daily, floss each day, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to help control harmful bacteria. However, those habits alone are not enough to prevent plaque, tooth discoloration, and painful cavities. To ensure that your teeth remain healthy, you also need regularly scheduled help from dental professionals. So, how committed are you to regular dental checkups? If you’ve been neglecting your trips to the dentist, here are several reasons why you could be making a big mistake.

At-Home Maintenance Can’t Provide Early Detection

You might think that you’re keeping a close eye on the health of your teeth, but outer appearance can sometimes mask very real problems. Though your teeth might look clean and attractive, bacteria could still be hard at work undermining their health and integrity. That goes for your gums as well, as serious threats like cancer are difficult for patients to detect without a professional exam. The bottom line is easy to understand: most serious problems are only discovered in a dentist’s office.

Your dentist can provide a full examination of your teeth and gums. That exam will identify potential problems and assess the extent of any damage that may have already occurred. Most important of all, problems can be diagnosed in their earliest stages, and that will maximize the potential for successful treatment. Every patient needs regular screenings to ensure that their mouths remain problem-free!

You Need Dental Care for Deep Cleaning

It’s difficult to give your teeth the kind of deep cleaning that they need when you’re just relying on your daily brushing and flossing. Plaque is persistent and continually works to take root on teeth and gums. And if you don’t manage to clean it all away, it can eventually lead to gum disease or worse. Unfortunately, your tooth brush cannot do the job on its own. You need a dentist’s touch to ensure that all that plaque gets removed.

Regular Dental Checkups Decrease Other Health Risks Too

There have been studies to determine links between disease rates and dental checkups – and there’s good news. One study discovered that women lowered their heart disease risk by a third when they received regular checkups. There have been other studies showing that overall health costs are also lower for patients who regularly receive dental examinations and maintenance care. Your entire body needs you to get those scheduled checkups; don’t let it down!

At Ebenezer Dental, we are committed to ensuring that every patient has the information he or she needs to maintain optimal health for teeth and gums. Your daily dental hygiene routine is an essential part of a long-term strategy to preserve dental health – but it’s not enough. That’s why we recommend regular dental checkups from the best dentist in midtown Manhattan. Cal us today to learn more about how your dental appointment can optimize your overall oral hygiene regimen.