Answers to Common Dental Implant Questions

Answers to Common Dental Implant Questions

Despite the growing popularity of dental implants, many millions of Americans still know little about these important tooth replacement tools. Unfortunately, that can lead to confusion that sometimes causes patients to miss out on the benefits that implants can provide. If you have a missing tooth or teeth and are weighing your options, you may have many questions about dental implants and implant surgery. You deserve answers to those questions so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

What Are Implants?

Dental implants are posts used to replace the root of a lost tooth. These posts come with connectors that are used to connect replacement teeth to the implant, with a dental crown or cap used to complete each new tooth.

Why Do People Choose Dental Implants?

Obviously, implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to illness, injury, or other reasons. Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic concern; they limit functionality and affect patients’ confidence and health. A dental implant will:

  • Improve your appearance by enhancing your smile
  • Provide more support for surrounding teeth
  • Replace missing teeth without impacting those surrounding teeth in a negative way
  • Help to eliminate speech issues that sometimes occur with missing teeth
  • Restore dental function and eliminate problems with chewing
  • Enhance your overall confidence

How Are Dental Implants Placed in the Mouth?

Dental implants require implant surgery. During that procedure, your dentist inserts the implant directly into your jawbone in the area where your missing tooth’s roots used to reside. Implants use titanium, because that metal’s properties include the ability to fuse with bone, ensuring stability and longevity for years to come. The exact procedure used will be determined by various factors that include the jaw’s condition, the implant type, and more.

Are Implants Safe?

Absolutely. If you are approved for dental implant surgery, you can rest assured that the procedure is safe. There are certain conditions that may prevent you from receiving implants, such as diabetes or hypertension – but in most cases, even those health conditions can be mitigated with the right precautions.

How Long Will Implants Last?

Much of that will depend upon your commitment to caring for them after the procedure. While titanium will not decay, nearby teeth can still suffer from bacterial damage when patients fail to follow recommended guidelines for dental hygiene. However, if you continue to properly care for your teeth – brushing for two minutes at least twice daily, flossing each day, and using an effective mouthwash – then your dental implants should last a lifetime.

At Ebenezer Dental, we can work with you to ensure that you get the implants you need and the aftercare advice you deserve. We believe that your teeth are too important for your overall well-being to leave anything to chance, so our team is committed to ensuring that you receive the best dental implant services in midtown Manhattan. Give us a call today to learn more about dental implants, and to schedule your next dental appointment.