Why Your Orthodontic Care is About More than Just Your Appearance

Why Your Orthodontic Care is About More than Just Your Appearance

From the average person’s perspective, braces and other orthodontic procedures are all about aesthetics. There is a tendency to focus all our attention on the cosmetic results as we do whatever it takes to get that perfect smile. For children and many adults, that means many months and even years of treatment to properly align teeth and ensure that everything is just right. Unfortunately, those who don’t get orthodontic treatment in their younger years can sometimes be led to believe that they can just live with misaligned teeth as adults. That decision could prove detrimental to your overall dental health.

The fact is that orthodontic care is not just important for cosmetic purposes; it can be vital for the health of your teeth and gums too! That’s why so many people who never received orthodontic treatment in their youth are now seeking out that care as adults. Just consider these important facts:

  • Misaligned teeth can affect your ability to chew properly, leading to improperly-chewed food and a host of digestive ailments. If your teeth aren’t straight and you’ve been suffering from stomach problems, you might want to consider whether your dental issues are the cause.
  • Crooked teeth and unnatural gaps can also affect your speech as you get older. That can cause you to have trouble enunciating words, and may even affect your job performance or personal interactions with others by making you more difficult for others to understand.
  • We all know how important oral hygiene is for overall bodily health. Well, misaligned teeth are more difficult to care for, and that can limit the effectiveness of your brushing and flossing routine. Often, teeth are packed together so tight that it can be almost impossible to properly clean them, which can lead to gum disease, increased cavities, and eventual tooth loss.

Is It Ever Too Late to Address Misaligned Teeth?

The good news is that adults who never had the opportunity to get their teeth aligned properly now have more options available to them than ever before. While they might have once been forced to either live with the problem or wear metal braces, modern dentistry offers other choices to address these issues. Clear aligners are a common choice for many adult patients, since they are less noticeable than traditional braces, and can often achieve similar results for the patients who use them.

The important thing is for you to recognize that your misaligned teeth are not just something that you should choose to accept. They not only prevent you from looking and feeling your best, but also pose a potential oral health risk that could place your teeth and gums in jeopardy. At Ebenezer Dental, we take that risk seriously and believe that you should too. The good news is that we can help you mitigate that risk and enjoy the perfect teeth and ideal smile that you deserve. Give us a call today to learn how the best dentist in midtown Manhattan can help you with your orthodontic needs.