Relax: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Your Dental Implant Surgery

Relax: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Your Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are one of the most reliable and popular ways to restore dental integrity for those who have lost teeth. They’re durable, natural looking, and entirely functional. Moreover, the titanium used to imbed these implants into the jaw is perfect for the job, since its natural affinity for bone means that cellular growth will still occur, further securing the implants in place. For many people, however, those benefits are not sufficient to detract from their natural fear of the surgical procedure needed to secure these implants. Here are several of the most important reasons you shouldn’t feat that dental implant surgery.

Modern Dental Surgery Involves Tremendous Planning in Advance of The Procedure

Some people have a fear of all surgical procedures, but there’s little to worry about where dentistry is concerned. Dental surgeons take great pains to exhaustively plan every procedure, accounting for all conceivable risks and complications. Advanced technologies are used to map out every aspect of the process and create a precise guide that the surgeon can use to minimize risks.

Modern Surgical Techniques Generate Little Discomfort for Patients

Dental surgery is designed to limit the amount of pain and discomfort that patients experience in the aftermath of the procedure. Advanced techniques and planning ensure that tissue disruption is kept to a minimum, while self-absorbing sutures are typically used to close incisions. As a rule, most instances of discomfort require no more than ibuprofen or aspirin.

Affected Areas of the Mouth Heal Quickly

The mouth is a very durable area of the body, and tissue tends to heal quickly in the aftermath of any dental procedure like implant surgery. Success rates are high, with a rate that typically hovers near 97%. After just a few weeks of healing, you’ll already be ready for the dentist to fix the permanent crown to your implant.

Local Anesthetics are Used in the Surgery

There are also some who simply fear being “put under” by anesthetics. There is good news on that front as well, since implant surgeons can perform this procedure using only local anesthesia. That Involves numbing the area around the surgical site rather than using general anesthetic that puts you to sleep. That can help to minimize any anxiety that you might feel about the use of more powerful anesthetics.

It’s also important to note that dental implant surgery is usually a far simpler process than many tooth extractions. Surgeons take every precaution available and always have an intricate and detailed plan in place before they ever begin the implant process.

At Ebenezer Dental, we understand the anxiety and fear that some people have when it comes to surgical procedures of any kind. That’s why we feel that it’s so important for patients to have the facts about dental implant surgery and other advanced treatment options. If you have anxiety about your dental implant procedure and want to learn more about implants from the best dentist in midtown Manhattan, contact us today.