Skipping those Dental Checkups? Why That’s a Bad Idea

Skipping those Dental Checkups? Why That’s a Bad Idea

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who skip their dental checkups on a regular basis, you probably think that you have good reasons for that decision. Maybe you’re just afraid of the dentist’s chair. That’s not uncommon, after all; by some estimates, as many as fifteen percent of all Americans suffer from dental phobia. Or maybe it’s just the cost. If you lack good dental insurance coverage, then those costs might seem more than you can bear. It could even be due to a painful dentist experience in the past and a desire to avoid a repeat of that encounter. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: your decision to skip regular checkups is a bad idea.

Just consider the following dire consequences that you could face due to your failure to make and keep regular dental checkup appointments:

  1. Regular dental checkups are necessary if you want to avoid gum disease or catch it early enough to properly treat it before it becomes a major concern. That bacteria that damages your gums is a silent menace, so by the time you discover it on your own it will be too late to avoid serious intervention.
  2. If you end up with cavities or gum disease, you could be placing your teeth at risk. Without prompt treatment of any problems, you could even lose teeth or experience unattractive gaps in your teeth.
  3. Untreated dental problems are a major contributing factor for bad breath. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life hooked on breath mints, you need regular checkups and ongoing care.
  4. Do you like tooth pain and sore gums? The fact is that there are few pains worse than the average toothache. It can lead to headaches and a sore mouth that can even make eating and drinking an uncomfortable experience. Well, without regular checkups, it’s difficult to stave off future toothaches and the pain that accompanies them.
  5. Your bodily health could suffer. Studies have confirmed that patients with dental problems are at greater risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia. That’s right: the health of your teeth and gums has a direct impact on every other system in your body too!
  6. You can’t escape the costs, and they’ll only get worse with time. If you catch problems early and have them treated promptly, you can avoid the much-greater expense that might be incurred by more complex treatment in the future.

The bottom line is simple: regular checkups and maintenance are essential for your teeth and gums. At Ebenezer Dental, we try to make these dental checkups as comfortable as possible for all our patients, to ensure that they continue to seek the care they need for sound oral health. If you’ve been putting off your dental checkup for any reason, it’s time to discover how the best dentist in New York can help to ensure your long-term dental well-being. Contact us today!