Why Get a Smile Makeover? The Survey Says…

Why Get a Smile Makeover? The Survey Says…

If you haven’t yet heard the term “smile makeover” used by friends or acquaintances, then chances are that you’re missing out on one of the hottest dental trends in America. Cosmetic dentistry has made so many great strides in recent decades, that almost anyone can now enjoy the perfect smile they were meant to have! Smile makeovers are nothing new, of course, since people have been getting their teeth fixed, replaced, straightened, and whitened for many years now. What is different, however, is the newfound popularity that the concept enjoys – thanks in large part to more widespread attention from celebrities and the press. If you’ve wondered whether you might benefit from a smile makeover, just consider this:

  • In a 2012 study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), roughly 45% of respondents believed that your smile is your most appealing feature – regardless of how old you are. The bottom line is that your smile is timeless!
  • About 62% of those surveyed declared that they believe that their teeth are worth the monetary investment required to keep them in perfect condition. That’s nearly twice the number of people who said that they’d be willing to invest money to reverse hair loss.
  • 48% acknowledged that your smile makes the most lasting impression on people you’ve just met. Only one-quarter of all respondents said the same thing about the first words someone hears you speak.
  • More than a third of respondents (37%) said that a less-than-perfect smile actually makes people less attractive.

So, what is a Smile Makeover?

Don’t be intimidated by the term. A smile makeover is just the process of using cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike restorative dentistry that repairs damaged teeth or structural problems, a smile makeover is an optional undertaking for those who want that perfect smile they’ve always dreamed about.

A smile makeover can involve any number of procedures, from teeth implants or veneers to whitening. The process is tailored to your unique appearance, and dentists work with you to consider factors like skin tone, overall appearance, hair color, and the various aspects of your teeth and gums to ensure that the process enhances your unique smile. With a makeover, your entire face can be rejuvenated and brought into balance, as your teeth are whitened, missing teeth are replaced, and everything is brought into proper balance.

The techniques used in any smile makeover are well-known to most patients. The overall results, however, are often something far beyond what most people expect, and can have lasting impact on a patient’s confidence and enjoyment of life. At Ebenezer Dental, we understand how important your smile is in both your personal life and your professional career. We’ve made it our mission to help patients just like you enjoy the benefits that come from a healthier and more attractive set of teeth and gums. Call us today to discover how the best dentist in midtown Manhattan can help you to achieve that perfect smile you deserve!