Top Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Invisalign Braces

Top Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Invisalign Braces

Though there was a time when braces were considered something to be reserved primarily for children, many adults are now taking advantage of their benefits too. Of course, the average adult usually doesn’t want to endure several years of complex brackets, bands, and springs. For previous generations, that has often meant that adults simply lived with a less-than-perfect smile if their teeth had never been straightened during childhood. Modern dentistry advances have changed all that, and adults can now enjoy all the benefits offered by bracing technology – with Invisalign braces that are all but invisible to the average observer. But Invisalign braces offer more than just privacy to the patients who use them; they also offer a host of other benefits.

Weight Loss

Most patients who start using aligners report that they lose weight almost right away. While most experts attribute that phenomenon to dietary changes in the first several weeks of wear, patients are nevertheless thrilled to see the change!

Aligners Are Easier to Clean

As effective as metal braces can be for straightening out teeth, they do have their drawbacks. In addition to being cumbersome, they also serve as a magnet for food deposits that can lead to increased plague accumulation – which in turn can lead to tissue overgrowth. With Invisalign, both at-home and in-office cleanings can be expedited, since the aligners don’t inhibit your ability to brush and floss normally.

They Don’t Impair Speech

Braces have a tendency to impede normal speech and enunciation, due to the sheer amount of material placed into the patient’s mouth. With aligners, that is not a problem. Invisalign aligners are so thin that your mouth will adjust to them in hours.

Straight Teeth Can Reduce Headache Frequency

Patients who experience frequent headaches are often unaware that misaligned teeth can rub against each other in ways that can contribute to tension headaches, migraines, and similar types of pain. By using aligners to reorient teeth properly, that tension can be reduced and headache pain can be mitigated.

Invisalign Safeguard Teeth While You’re Asleep and All Day Long

Aligners do a phenomenal job of protecting you from the effects of grinding teeth while you are asleep. Many dentists also recommend that patients add a bit of fluoride gel to the device to give them that added strength they need.

You Can Eat Normally

Invisalign also requires fewer dietary restrictions than traditional braces. All of those brackets and wire tend to catch certain types of foods, and many brace-wearers restrict their diets accordingly. With aligners, that issue is no longer a concern.

At Ebenezer Dental, we applaud every adult patient who decides to use Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth and improve his or her smile. For many adults alive today, braces were not always an option during childhood. Thankfully, new technologies and dental techniques now enable us to provide every patient with the treatment needed to create the straightest, most attractive smile possible. If you’d like to learn more about how you can receive the benefits of the best Invisalign services in midtown Manhattan, contact us today.