Why You Shouldn’t Just Ignore Tooth Pain

Why You Shouldn’t Just Ignore Tooth Pain

Almost everyone has experienced it at one point or another in their lives: an aching tooth or sharp pain in the mouth that makes it difficult to eat or drink. In many instances, the pain is temporary and last only a few hours or a day before things return to normal. Because of the temporary nature of most of those toothaches, many people have a tendency to just ignore the pain and wait for it to go away. Unfortunately, that may not always be the best course of action. There are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t just ignore tooth pain.

  1. Tooth pain can be a sign of a number of serious oral health issues that may require effective treatment delivered in a timely manner. In some instances, ignoring the problem can result in the underlying issue worsening over time, requiring more invasive and costly intervention weeks or months later.
  2. Sometimes tooth pain isn’t even related to your teeth. Because of the nerve structure in your mouth, it could even be that it is your gums that are causing your pain. Unfortunately, the only way to find out for certain is to have a dentist examine your mouth.
  3. Decaying teeth can be troublesome, particularly for those who tend to ignore tooth pain. When infection sets into the tissue in the pulp, the pain can disappear after just a few short days. That can lead to a false sense of security, causing patients to neglect examinations and treatment. In reality, though, the fact that the pain stops is often just a sign that the infected nerves lose their ability to transmit pain signals – because they are dead.
  4. Tooth pain that is caused by the gums can, when ignored, lead to instability in the connection between tooth and gum or result in bone loss. The gums can recede and eventually become more sensitive to temperature and other stimuli.
  5. When infections are not dealt with in a timely manner, the options for treating them can become ever more limited. When teeth are infected, it often becomes necessary to remove dead tissue and perform a root canal, Gum disease requires timely intervention to ensure that the gums can heal properly before costly surgical options become necessary.

In short, there is little to gain from ignoring tooth pain and vainly hoping that no more serious problem exists. While it might be true that your temporary tooth pain is but a momentary issue of no concern, it is just as likely that your pain is a sign of a more serious issue. Without a proper dental examination, there is just no way of knowing for sure.

At Ebenezer Dental, we know how important it is that our patients take oral health seriously. After all, you deserve better than to be forced to endure even temporary tooth pain. The good news is that we can ensure that you get the quick examination you need to make sure that your teeth and gums remain as healthy as possible. To learn more about how the best dentist in midtown Manhattan can help you with all your dental needs, contact us today.