Putting Off that Root Canal? Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

Putting Off that Root Canal? Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

For dental patients, there are few things more anxiety-inducing than being told that they have a tooth or gum infection that requires a root canal. That procedure can be costly, and dental insurance often doesn’t cover everything involved in the process. In addition, the anxiety that many patients experience at the very thought of getting a root canal is almost legendary in nature. Unfortunately, that anxiety and concerns about the cost can cause some patients to put off the procedure for as long as possible. Here are six of the most important reasons why you should rethink any root canal delay, and schedule an appointment to see the best dentist in midtown Manhattan as soon as possible.

Root Canal Procedures Treat the Pain

Many people believe that root canal treatments are painful procedures that simply aren’t worth the agony involved. In reality, it is not the root canal that causes your pain, but the tooth infection that necessitates the procedure. For most patients, a root canal is no more painful than treating a simple cavity. The fact is that getting that root canal is the surest way to get rid of that tooth pain forever.

The Affected Tooth Won’t Heal on its Own

Some problems seem to go away if you just give them enough time. The tooth infections and abscesses that can necessitate a root canal are not like that at all. Left untreated, you will find that the pain eventually subsides. That, however, is actually an indication that the nerves in the affected teeth have been deadened, even as the infection continues to spread.

Root Canal Treatment Eliminates the Infection

One of the main purposes of the root canal procedure is to eliminate the infection that is attacking that living pulp inside of the affected tooth. Once the treatment is completed, the infection can be completely eliminated.

A Root Canal Offers a Chance to Save the Affected Tooth

Untreated tooth infections routinely result in the complete loss of the affected teeth. That leaves you vulnerable to additional infections, decay, and other dental problems. A competently-performed root canal procedure can save the infected tooth and better preserve the integrity of your overall dental structure.

Without Treatment, the Problem Will Worsen

As with other sorts of infection, the bacteria that are attacking your infected tooth will continue to wreak havoc if you fail to address the problem. That can lead to increased dental problems that include sinus infection, bacterial infection of the bloodstream, and even abscesses in the brain.

Untreated infection Can Kill You

The worst-case scenario is simply too dreadful to contemplate, as it involves an infection that has spread to such levels that even antibiotics are powerless against its effects. Widespread bacterial infection throughout the body can actually lead to death.

At Ebenezer Dental, we understand the anxiety many of our patients can experience when they learn that they need a root canal to save an infected tooth. At the same time, we also know how dangerous it can be to simply avoid that necessary procedure. If you’ve been putting off a needed root canal treatment due to concerns over cost or other anxiety-causing issues, give us a call today so that we can help you review your options.