Why Professional Whitening is Superior to At-Home Solutions

Why Professional Whitening is Superior to At-Home Solutions

Despite all of the advances made in whitening techniques over the last several decades, the average patient can at times be understandably confused about all the available options. The advent of the internet age has seemingly compounded that confusion by providing a platform for many whitening myths that continue to keep patients from receiving the professional care they need. The constant barrage of advertisements promising cheap, at-home whitening solutions certainly seem attractive at first glance. Upon closer inspection, however, it doesn’t take long to realize that professional whitening services are much safer and more effective than those do-it-yourself solutions. When you compare in-office care to at-home techniques, the differences are clear:

Whitening toothpaste

This at-home solution is perhaps the most popular technique people use to try to undo discoloration of their teeth. The ingredients in the paste do have whitening agents, so gentle brushing with these products can lighten the color of your teeth over time. For many patients, however, continual use of these toothpastes can result in increased sensitivity around the teeth and gums – something that professional whitening care can help you avoid.

Whitening trays

You can buy kits that come with gel that you place over your teeth, and which provide fast whitening. The problem is that a kit cannot guarantee the right fit, and that means that the one-size fits all approach is more likely to result in an ill-fitting product that rubs against your gums and causes irritation and sensitivity. A similar procedure at a dentist’s office can eliminate that risk.

Gel strips

These are the pre-made strips you can buy at most pharmacies and many big box outlets. Like the whitening trays, these strips can brighten your teeth, but you usually have to apply them daily over a period of two to three weeks to see any real progress. A professional dental procedure can surpass those results in minutes.

Whitening rinses

There are a number of rinses that you can use to keep your teeth nice and bright after they’ve been whitened. However, since you don’t actually leave a rinse in your mouth for any meaningful amount of time, the results are too minimal to be of much use beyond maintenance. As a result, they are a great option for keeping your teeth white after your dentist appointment, but simply cannot take the place of that professional care.

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