Can Dental Problems Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Can Dental Problems Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Our lymph nodes are quite an important factor in our overall health, so it’s important to pay attention whenever there is a problem with them.  It may be a little surprising for some, but dental problems are one of the most common causes of swollen lymph nodes. Because everything in the ear, nose and throat area is connected, it is rather easy for an infection of some kind to spread around and cause problems in areas other than your mouth.

One of the most common dental problems that can lead to swollen lymph nodes is simply tooth decay or rotting teeth. In some cases, problems with wisdom teeth have also been known to cause lymph node problems. Bacteria from a rotting tooth however does have the ability to spread to your lymph nodes, causing them to swell up and become very uncomfortable. The bacteria is able to reach your lymph nodes simply by getting into your blood stream. When this happens, your lymph nodes are alerted to the fact that something is wrong and they will swell as a reaction. The bacteria also has the ability to get into your gum line as well.

Gingivitis is also a disease that has been known to cause lymph nodes to swell up. Just like problems with your teeth, gingivitis is a disease that spreads through your mouth and gets to your lymph nodes through your blood stream. Your lymph nodes only generally tend to start swelling however when the gingivitis has become a severe problem, so if you are experiencing swollen lymph nodes, you should visit our dental office in Midtown Manhattan as soon as possible in order to treat the problem.

Ultimately, the best way of avoiding swollen lymph nodes due to dental problems is to look after your teeth. Make sure you brush and floss them every single day and try and visit your dentist one a year at least to make sure that your oral hygiene is strong enough to prevent any infections. At Ebenezer Dental we will be able to deal with any problems you have and answer all of your questions. If you do end up with swollen lymph nodes due to a dental problem, then Dr. Karen Kang will be able to examine you, diagnose the cause of the problem and provide treatment within a short space of time.