When is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

When is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

The removal of wisdom teeth has become such a common practice that the majority of young adults will have the procedure done at some point in their lives. Dr. Karen Kang at Ebenezer Dental in Midtown Manhattan is an expert in the removal of wisdom teeth, so you will know you are in safe hands when you walk into our surgery. But how can you know if the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary in your case?

A recent study has claimed that 60% of the wisdom teeth removals that take place in the United States are unnecessary. This is mainly caused by the fact that wisdom teeth do not need to be causing you pain in order for them to be considered worthy of removing. If your dentist thinks that your wisdom tooth is stuck, or growing at an angle which can result in problems with neighboring teeth, then they may decide to remove them in order to avoid problems in the future. Dr. Kang has a keen eye for spotting when wisdom teeth will be a problem and she never removes them unnecessarily.

The most common reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is when they are pushing against your other teeth, which can cause quite severe pain. Cysts can also grow around your wisdom teeth when they are growing, which can also be quite a painful experience. Problems with wisdom teeth can even lead to problems with your sinuses, thus causing congestion and pressure.

Wisdom teeth can also cause cavities in your gums. This is caused by your gums swelling and leaving gaps between your teeth. This leaves room for bacteria to grow and cause cavities. If you are fairly young, your dentist may also remove your wisdom teeth if they feel they are going to do harm to the work they have done to correct your alignment. For example, if you have been wearing braces then your dentist may remove your wisdom teeth to stop them from undoing the work your braces have done.

If you come to Ebenezer Dental, then we will look at the shape of your teeth and examine how they are growing in order to make our decision. Your age is also taken into account, as this can give us a clear idea of how your teeth will be growing in the future. Simply by giving your teeth a brief examination, we will be able to make an informed decision about what should happen to your wisdom teeth. If you are unsure about whether or not you want them to be removed, the dentist will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the process and why they have come to the decision to remove your wisdom teeth. In most cases however, if Dr. Kang thinks the procedure should be done, then it is probably in your best interests.