Porcelain crowns vs porcelain veneers

Porcelain crowns vs porcelain veneers

When it comes to obtaining that perfect smile, there are many ways and treatments that you can follow, some are more suitable to certain situations than others though, and will be a quicker or easier path to the desired end result. At Ebenezer Dental one of the more common questions is regarding the differences, in terms of treatment and result, between Porcelain Crowns and Porcelain veneers.

The first thing to point out when discussing these solutions is that once the treatment is finished, the end result should be a natural looking, bright smile that no one should really know was the result of your dentist’s work. It should just look good, that is always the result to aim for. Having said that, we often find that patients need more involved explanations regarding the two treatments and what they mean for oral health. It is very important, in our view, that patients are well informed and fully understand the options that they have available in modern dentistry, and this choice is no different.

The dental porcelain creations, whether crowns or veneers, closely match the appearance of natural teeth, however they differ considerably in where they are suitable to use. Porcelain Veneers are a thin ceramic layer, and they are adhered to the full front face of the tooth, in essence a replacement for the tooth enamel. This gives a very clean, natural and uniform appearance, and requires the dentist to shave around 1mm of tooth enamel off the teeth to be treated so that they have the room to be fitted. At Ebenezer Dental, we think they are excellent for cosmetic enhancement, to remedy situations such as discoloration, poor shape or even fractured teeth.

Crowns, whilst sharing the beautiful and natural look of the veneers, are a more comprehensive replacement for almost the entire visible portion of the tooth itself. Crowns are great for creating a wonderful, uniform smile with great shape and natural looking color, just like veneers, but are really designed to address more severe dental issues. This is a much more extensive repair, and involves removing most of the original tooth, whether it is broken, suffering from tooth decay or severe erosion of the enamel.

The primary difference between porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns then, is that the crowns require the removal of much more of the natural tooth structure, and are designed for situations that require more extensive repairs. At Ebenezer Dental we look to a restorative methodology for our dentistry treatment, and will always recommend the best path that retains the most amount of the original teeth possible. For many situations, porcelain veneers are the perfect solution, but for those requiring more extensive treatment, where porcelain veneers are simply an inadequate solution, we will always recommend porcelain crowns.

Whichever is right for you, here at Ebenezer Dental in Midtown Manhattan you can be sure to get the best advice and most appropriate solution to any dental issues you may have, with the end result be that bright, natural and even smile you always wanted.