What treatment am I likely to need for my broken front tooth?

What treatment am I likely to need for my broken front tooth?

If you have suffered from a broken or chipped front tooth, the treatment required can depend on the level of damage that is sustained. Teeth can be broken in numerous ways, at Ebenezer Dental we have treated everything from cracks caused by facial impact, such as falling off a bike, biting down on something hard or a multitude of other causes.

Whatever the cause of the problem, Dr. Karen Kang practices restorative dentistry and focuses her treatment recommendations on keeping as much of the original tooth material as possible.

There are several courses of treatment, which one is suitable depends on the extent of the damage itself, but Dr. Kang is highly skilled and adept at choosing just the right treatment in every case.

If you have a broken tooth, it is important to contact Ebenezer Dental as soon as possible, and consider it a dental emergency. Because a clean break can actually be cemented back together in some circumstances, so it is always a good idea to save the broken pieces of tooth where possible, and keep them in a container with a small amount of milk to keep them fresh. Wash the mouth out thoroughly with clean water as soon as possible as well, to ensure the damaged area is clean.

Once at our practice in Midtown West, the treatment required for your specific circumstances can be assessed. These range from a tooth colored filling using resin for minor repairs to the outer enamel layer of the tooth, through to crown fitment for more extensive damage, to root canal work should the damaged tooth’s nerve have been affected.

Fillings are carried out using mercury-free material that is not only safer for the environment but, because it is colored to blend in with teeth, is much less obtrusive that the old style amalgam filling material. It looks great, is very strong and feels smooth in the mouth, representing the best option dental technology has to offer.

Porcelain crowns are custom made caps designed to cover the whole damaged tooth, made to fit each situation specifically, they are also custom colored to match the existing tooth material as closely as possible. Made from an impression of the mouth, each crown is fabricated using CEREC technology to fit perfectly and offer a strong, long lasting repair that looks great. Having a porcelain crown fitted at Ebenezer Dental is a common solution for a broken tooth.

The final treatment that may be necessary should nerve damage have occurred is root canal therapy. If the break has caused internal damage around the nerve, this will not heal on its own and get progressively worse. Dr. Karen Kang’s belief in restorative dentistry focuses on leaving as much of the original tooth as possible, and here is no different. By accessing the inner damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning and sterilizing the area and then sealing it, as much of the original tooth is left intact as possible. A crown would then be added to the tooth to complete the repair.

Whatever type of damage your tooth has suffered, Ebenezer Dental has the perfect solution for you.