Should I get Invisalign or regular braces?

Should I get Invisalign or regular braces?

Everyone has their flaws but for many the one thing they wish to change is the appearance of their teeth. The desire for straight pearly whites is strong and with the advancements in technology that perfect smile can be a reality. In today’s market there are two major competitors in the teeth perfecting market; braces and Invisalign. Both options are equally recommended by orthodontists but deciding which one is best for you can be a daunting task. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before making that ultimate decision.

Does the base material matter to me?

Here’s the thing, whichever option you choose you are going to have to accept that this material will constantly be in your mouth. Braces are made up of metal brackets and are held together by wires and small rubber bands. The braces are glued to the teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign are smooth, clear, BPA free plastic that is worn over the teeth. Although both will most likely feel uncomfortable and foreign, the choice is essentially which material you prefer.

How self-conscious am I?

Let’s be real, in society there is a stigma against braces. Therefore, many people feel self-conscious and shy away from the idea. Invisalign on the other hand, is almost invisible and wearers can keep it a secret if they wish. However, braces also offer the option of various colours which many use to make a fashion statement, while some are made more discreet by using colours that match the enamel. Gauge how important your ‘looks’ is to you before making your decision because you don’t want to be miserable in the long run.

Do I need a product that is removable or convenient?

Braces are glued to the teeth and are hence irremovable, but Invisalign is designed to be worn over the teeth and hence you can remove it. However, with braces you can eat with comfort, except for some hard foods, whereas with Invisalign you have to remove it every time you eat and drink anything besides water. In this case there is an upside to Invisalign because eating and drinking will be natural and feel more comfortable since there is no metal or plastic in the mouth. Additionally, braces are also easier to clean and require less frequent cleanings, since Invisalign needs cleaning after every meal to avoid staining. There is also the temptation to remove Invisalign and don’t put them back on which is not possible with braces. Do you have the self-control to put back on your Invisalign when the going gets tough? If the answer is no, then its braces for you, my friend.

How severe is my problem?

Not all teeth abnormalities are created equal. Braces are highly recommended for the more severe cases as oppose to Invisalign which is recommended for milder problems. Ask Dr. Karen Kang which she recommends if you are unsure of the severity of your bent teeth. Choosing a method to perfect your teeth is a major decision and you should give it ample thought before making the ultimate decision.